Oh, hey there!

Yes. I’m back. Unasked for. Unnecessary. But floating around. In the depths of the internet. Lost. Think George Clooney in Gravity. That’s what this blog is.

As an introductory post goes, this is a bit tricky, because I’m not sure what I’m introducing. Current plan of action: start writing and see what mutates from the literary drivel that’s about to ensue. Sound like a good deal? Give us a follow!

Ok, I’m not selling it. Bare with.

Things I like that may (or may, indeed, not) feature on this site o’ mine:

  • fitness tips, tricks, trends, reviews, and whatever else the fitness community muses about these days.
  • vegan food ideas and recipes
  • other vegan things. because I’m a vegan.
  • beauty stuff, which I’m terrible at, but let’s pretend, it’s my blog goddamnit
  • travel, since travel is fun for everyone (but mainly those actually travelling)
  • i’m a vegan
  • photos of things, mainly related to any or all of the above
  • just, like, life, innit
  • did I mention I was vegan

Yeah. Vague. I know. I’m sure direction will find me..

In the meantime.

I’m a vegan.

Just thought I’d say.


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