Easy energy balls!

To say I’m not a natural born kitchen dweller would be quite the understatement. In my 28 years of life, I’ve limped by on seriously lacklustre microwave meals and more bowls of cereal than I’d care to admit to.

Becoming vegan changed all that. No longer could I depend on a tasteless Sainsbury’s plastic pasta bake. It was time to get real with REAL food.

I was recently introduced to Deliciously Ella, the queen of the clean diet. If you’ve been living under a rock and not had the good fortune to stumble across this chick, go investigate immediately. Having two of her books, I can safely say that veganism has become so much more interesting and infinitely more practical. Each meal uses ingredients you’ve heard of (because no-ones needs nutritional yeast. No one.), and can be made so simply and in super big batches, perfect for those meal preppers amongst you!

See below for a deliciously snacky sample, made for on-the-go energy.

energy-bitesFor these ginger and lime energy bites, you need:

200g dates (Ella states medjool dates, but being cheap I opted for the decidedly less flashy deglet noor which tasted divine)

125g cashew nuts

1tbsp chia seeds

Handful of pumpkin seeds

This is your base. Her suggested flavourings, although you could definitely explore a whole world of tasty fusions here, are:

3tsp ground ginger (I’d put more in next time, personal preference)

Juice of one lime (again, maybe more depending on your taste)

To make? Simple. Blitz the nuts and seeds, then add the rest of the ingredients and do the same. Squish into balls and bash in the freezer for an hour. Hey presto, done!

Like I said, the taste for me personally wasn’t as intense as I’d have liked, but can be easily tweaked next time (and oh yes will there be a next time!)


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