50 Things about Me!

After almost a year of distractions and diversions and debilitations to setting up this thing, here I am, trying to up my blogging game.

While I try to fiddle and fidget with the whowhats and widgets on this WordPress to make it do what I want it to, I thought I’d start writing with a cheeky punt at the 50 Facts About Me Tag! Come on, who doesn’t want to learn some quirky factoids about strangers on the internet? I’ll make you feel considerably better about your own weirdness – guaranteed!

1. When I was a wee little whippersnapper I was utterly convinced that ‘random’ was a place.
“Our winner will be chosen at Random after the closing date!”‘No point entering this competition then, my parents don’t even have a car…’
So many Blue Peter badges lost.

2. I also thought I could talk to animals. And I would. Veritable diddy, deluded Snow White, I was.

3. Let’s just get all this kiddy weirdness out of the way from the off. On a weekend, I used to love nothing better than pretending to host my own shows. Mainly Art. Neil Buchanan had a legit rival in me. Just lucky I was only 8 at the time.

4. My first ever crush was, well, a bit off.. Those MC Hammer pants. That waistcoat so clearly raided from Arabian Baby Gap. That absolute event of a hairstyle. Aladdin is mine, ladies, and I will fight you.

5. My favourite sensation in life is popping the tinfoil lids on fresh jars of instant coffee. Much more satisfying than the instant coffee itself, but hey, swings and roundabouts, I got to take out my aggression on paper with a spoon. Lush.

6. I run 10ks regularly, but I’ve never done a 10k race. Not even a 5. I think I’m scared I won’t be able to do it. Which is odd, as I do it all the time…

7. I did, however, once win a talent contest at school, singing a self-composed song about being a cat. The fact it never reached #1 in the charts is a mystery that haunts me even to this day. Probably Illuminati.

8. Carly Rae Jepsen is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I know every word to every song on her debut album and sing along. Loud. I’m not improving my standing in the coolness stakes here, am I?

9. I have an unyielding woman-crush on the lady person who plays Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. Seriously, I want to have her babies.

10. I have read all the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ books, but have to endure the torture of not telling those who are blissfully ignorant series watchers what happens next. The struggle is very real.

11. I’m from a town called Bury, but no-one knows where or what that is, so I just say I’m from Manchester. If you know of Bury, sending a cyber first bump your way, because you are awesome.

12. Chimichangas iz ma lyf.

13. … but I just don’t get Frankie ‘n Benny’s. Not one bit.

14. I also don’t like cheese.

15. But then, I am lactose intolerant, so it doesn’t like me either.

16. I’m one of those ‘vegan people’. It’s an ethical thing, but totes aware of the health things too. Regularily knocking off a good 15 of my five a day daily. Those antioxidants gettin’ OWNED.

17. I have a cat called Jeffrey. He’s named after Jeff Goldblum. Because, Jeff Goldblum.

18. My favourite films fluctuate, but Amelie, Die Hard and anything Indiana Jones (any one of the three, because there are only three Indiana Jones movies) are constant top place holders.

19. I once saw Nick Grimshaw in Sainsburys. I congratulated him on being Nick Grimshaw.

20. I always quote King Solomon’s Mines as my all-time favourite book, but I’ve only ever read it once and can’t really remember the storyline… I remember it being pretty good, though.

21. I used to live in Madrid, but knew no Spanish. I know more now, but that’s not much of an achievement.

22. I actually speak better Japanese, since I studied that at university. Sugoi desu ne!

23. I went to two different universities for my BA degree.

24. The first was UCLan, where I studied Japanese and Business Studies, which is very much as exciting as it sounds.

25. Then after 2 years I changed degree!

26. My actual degree was from the University of Manchester.

27. I have a first-class BA (Hons) in Archaeology and Art History, mainly because I wanted to be the north’s answer to Lara Croft (although I have yet to shoot any animals on the endangered species database).

28. I have a serious addiction to cereal. A quick and easy dining experience for any part of your day!

29. Once, in a gym class, I tore my oblique muscle, and even now still get pain in it from time to time. And they say exercise is good for you..

30. I’ve eaten raw python. Before I was vegan. Obvs.

31. I like to sing. I’m not sure other people like to hear it.

32. YouTube taught me how to be a girl. And a fully functioning (a bit more) grown up(per). On behalf of all us lost causes YouTube, I salute you.

33. I’m quite hungry right now.

34. I have two tattoos.

35. The first tattoo is a black cat on a moon surrounded by stars on my lower back, which I got in Portugal when I was 15! Shock horror, indeed.

36. The second is a wreath of roses and butterflies around the top of my right thigh, inked at the more respectable age of 24. Or 23. I forget.

37. I’m a winter baby, born in January 1988. (80s babies represent!)

38. I once hid a rabbit under my bed. That game didn’t last long.

39. I don’t get the national obsession with Breaking Bad. Is it just me…?

40. My facts are getting shorter as my tummy grumbles louder.

41. I can whistle like an owl. Pretty useless skill if I’m prefectly honest.

42. My wardrobe is literally falling to pieces under the pressure of my morbid clothes obsession. And most of said clothing still has tags on. Curse you, impulse purchases!

43. Urban Outfitters and Top Shop are my absolute musts on any shopping trip. I wish UO was my home and I could just wake up all UOed out every morning. #lifegoals

44. I cannot leave the house without eyeliner on. Clothes, yes. Eyeliner, nuh-uh.

45. I hate swimming. I don’t understand people who swim and think that’s enjoyable. You people are weird. Just no, you people.

46. I’m half-Irish, but I’ve never been to Ireland.

47. I’ve also never been to a festival. Sad face.

48. People would say I’m pretty tomboyish, but I don’t believe you are either a tomboy or a girly girl, girls are pretty multidimensional things as it turns out. Who knew?

49. I love Archaeology. I want to dig in the mud and find things like those guys on Time Team. My current era-crush is the Roman period. That, and anything Neolithic or earlier. All very interesting, I know.

50. I smile a lot, because there’s always lots to smile for 🙂


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